Here is the constitution of the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers’ Society.

1. Name:

The name of the association shall be The Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers’ Society, hereafter abbreviated as SMTS.

2. Affiliation:

The Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers’ Society shall be a Special Subject Council of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) and shall be affiliated with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

3. Purpose and Objectives:

3.1 The purpose of the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers’ Society is to foster excellence in mathematics education in elementary, middle, secondary, and post-secondary education institutions.

3.2 The objectives of the SMTS shall be:
A. To promote excellence in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

B. To contribute to the development and implementation of mathematics curricula which reflects current trends in mathematical education.

C. To increase public and professional recognition of the need for improved numeracy and, as a consequence, the need for improved teaching of mathematics.

D. To represent teachers of mathematics in matters concerning mathematics education.

E. To act as a clearinghouse for information about new developments in mathematics education.

4. Membership:

4.1 Regular – Members of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation as specified in STF bylaws, or any person interested in the teaching of mathematics shall be eligible for regular membership in this council. All members shall be entitled to full privileges of Society membership including the right to vote and to hold office.

4.2 Institutional – Institutional memberships are available at the same rate as regular memberships. The institution may nominate a staff member or their library to receive SMTS mailings, and may designate one staff member who may register at the member rate and attend the conferences and meetings of the Society. Institutions are entitled to full membership privileges. Institutions may purchase multiple Institutional memberships.

4.3 Student – Student memberships are available at a reduced rate, as set by the Executive. Student members are entitled to full membership privileges.

4.4 Joint – Joint memberships are available from time to time, in conjunction with other STF Special Subject Councils such as the Saskatchewan Science Teachers’ Society. Joint members are entitled to full membership privileges.

4.5 Honorary – An Honorary Membership may be awarded to an individual in recognition of outstanding contributions to education, mathematics, citizenship or humanity. If awarded, an honorary membership shall be presented at a General Meeting of the SMTS.

5. Fees:

5.1 The membership period and fees for all categories of membership are to be set by the executive.

6. Officers:

6.1 The Executive of the Society shall consist of: President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Honorary President, Immediate Past President, Journal Editor(s), and a maximum of six (6) directors.

6.2 The following positions will be elected: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and six (6) Directors. These members shall be elected at the General Meeting in accordance with standard election procedures.

6.3 The Executive officers named in 6.1 may appoint a replacement for any member of the Executive who resigns before their term of office is completed.

6.4 If warranted, the Executive may be expanded to include up to three (3) Members at Large.

6.5 If warranted, the Executive may be expanded to include two (2) mathematics education students, one (1) from the University of Regina Faculty of Education and one (1) from the University of Saskatchewan College of Education. Student representatives’ terms shall be limited to one-year terms.

7. Representation:

Any representation which the Society wishes to make to any organization, person, government department, or any other agency outside the STF shall be conducted through the regular channels of the STF.

8. General Meeting:

General Meetings shall be held at a time that is convenient for the membership to meet, such as at a conference. Special General Meetings may be called by the executive, but should also occur at times that are convenient for the membership to meet.

9. Finances:

The Executive shall have power to collect fees and to make expenditures. A financial statement shall be submitted at the General Meeting.

10. Annual Report:

The Society shall submit to the Executive of the STF a yearly report of its programs, activities, and the finances for the preceding year, by June 30th.

11. Amendments:

After a notice of motion to amend the constitution has been given, the constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a General Meeting.

12. Dissolution:

If, at any time, the SMTS shall cease to carry out the purposes as herein stated, all assets and property held by it, whether in trust or otherwise, after the payments of its liabilities, shall be paid over to the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.