Intersections (June edition): Upcoming professional development opportunities

In this monthly column, you’ll find information about upcoming math (education)-related workshops, conferences, and other events that will take place in Saskatchewan and beyond. If travel is not an option at this time or if you prefer learning from the comfort of your own home, see the Online workshops and Continuous learning online sections below. Some events fill up fast, so don’t delay signing up! For more information about a particular event or to register, follow the link provided below the description.

If know about an event that should be on our list, please leave a comment below or contact ilona (at) smts (dot) ca.

Within Saskatchewan 



SUM Conference
November 4th – 5th, Saskatoon, SK
Presented by the SMTS

Our own annual conference! Join us for two days packed with learning opportunities, featuring keynotes Max Ray-Riek and Grace Kelemanik and featured presenter Peg Cagle. This conference is for math educators teaching in K-12, and registration includes lunch on Friday and a two-year SMTS membership. Click here for more information, and keep checking our website in the coming months for registration details.


Educator Well-Being: You First
July 26th, Moose Jaw, SK
$110 (early bird)

Presented by the Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit

“In case of an emergency, put your own oxygen mask on first, before assisting others.” While we understand the value of this familiar phrase, doing the equivalent in our busy lives is a challenge. Seldom do we put our own well-being first. This is especially true for educators – the caring profession. Yet, the benefits of well-being are recognized by research and by testimonials from people all over the world.

This workshop is based on Positive Psychology, an emerging field of scientific study and research that promotes optimal human functioning. Well-being is a skill to be learned that requires practice, just like math, athletics and playing an instrument.


Comprehension Strategies in All Subject Areas
July 27th, Saskatoon, SK
$110 (early bird)

Presented by the Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit

Students are faced with increasingly complex texts in every subject area. Research literature confirms the importance of explicitly teaching comprehension strategies to students to support their understanding. By explicitly teaching comprehension strategies in subject areas such as science and math, teachers can help students develop deeper understanding of these and other subject areas. This workshop will have participants experience a number of practical strategies that they can connect back to the subjects that they teach.


Structures for Differentiating Elementary Mathematics
July 28th, Saskatoon, SK
$110 (early bird)

Presented by the Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit

We know through formative assessments that our elementary students are at different places in their understanding of mathematics, but how do we structure our classrooms to meet their individual needs? This workshop will provide the opportunity for participants to design their classroom structure so that it allows children to move flexibly among large groups, small groups and individual instruction. By having a structure in place, teachers can create a differentiated learning experience without creating individualized learning programs for every child.


Multi-Graded Mathematics Instruction
August 3rd, Saskatoon, SK
$110 (early bird)

Presented by the Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit

How do you address all of the needs within your combined grades mathematics classroom? By looking at themes across curricula, teachers can plan for diverse needs and address outcomes at two grade levels without having separate lesson plans. Curricular through lines and planning templates will be shared that are helpful for identifying how concepts grow over the grades, so that you can build a learning continuum within your instruction.


Beyond Saskatchewan 

Waterloo Math Teachers’ Conference
August 23rd – 25th, Waterloo, ON
Presented by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing

A conference for teachers of grade 7-12. While the Grade 9-12 sessions are directed towards university preparation and mainly Ontario teachers, teachers from any province or country will benefit as well. Registration is now open and spots fill up fast, so sign up early! Participation is restricted to two teachers per school.


Online workshops

Math Daily 3
July 3th–July 30th
Presented by the Daily CAFE

Learn how to help your students achieve mathematics mastery through the Math Daily 3 structure, which comprises Math by Myself, Math with Someone, and Math Writing. Allison Behne covers the underlying brain research, teaching, and learning motivators; classroom design; how to create focused lessons that develop student independence; organizing student data; and differentiated math instruction. Daily CAFE online seminars combine guided instruction with additional resources you explore on your own, and are perfect for those who prefer short bursts of information combined with independent learning.

The seminar includes:

  • online access to videos, articles, and downloadable materials
  • access to an exclusive online discussion board with colleagues
  • a certificate of attendance for 15 contact hours


Continuous learning online

Education Week Math Webinars
Presented by Education Week

Once a month, Education Weekly has a webinar focusing on math. They also host their previous webinars on this site. Previous webinars include Formative Assessment, Dynamic vs. Static Assessment, Productive Struggling and Differentiation.

Past webinars:

Upcoming webinars:


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