SUM2024 & STF Work-to-Rule

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With the current Work-to-Rule sanction for STF members, we recognize that many are feeling a little unsure about what this means for the conference. The SMTS reached out to the bargaining team prior to the break in order to get clarification on a few scenarios. Here is a copy of the question and the reply regarding work to rule:

Should work to rule commence, will our Thursday evening keynote be affected? Or is PD exempt from work to rule hours?
In a work to rule situation, professional learning events can continue to proceed outside the school day hours. These are not extra-curricular events and the work of professional growth networks is not directed by the employer.

More info here under the FAQ “Can I attend professional learning events or meetings?”

At this time, the conference committee is planning to go ahead with our agenda as planned, including the Thursday night opening keynote with Howie Hua. In the event of a new or additional sanctions being announced, we’ll reach out directly to all registered attendees.

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