The Variable – Volume 4, Issue 2

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Volume 4, Issue 2 of The Variable, periodical of the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers’ Society, has just been released! From Kindergarten to Grade 12, there is something for everyone.

In this issue, Chad Williams shares “The Crazy Calendar,” a lesson that builds on students’ personal experiences with calendars to further develop their understanding of the passage of time (p. 5); Jeff Irvine shares his experiences with constructivism in secondary math education (p. 27); Timothy Sibbald recounts his visit to the National Museum of Mathematics, and asks us to consider what we can learn from its success (p. 33); and Kelley Buchheister, Christa Jackson, and Cynthia Taylor share ways to structure tasks to stimulate meaningful mathematical discourse while ensuring equitable participation (p. 21). In the latest “Spotlight on the Profession,” Marian Small discusses ways to engage students at different levels in the math classroom. You will also find our regular features, including Shawn Godin‘s “Alternate Angles,” which takes an in-depth look at intriguing problems and their solutions (p. 11); “Intersections,” which will bring you up to date on upcoming professional development opportunities (p. 37); and “Tangents,” which highlights extracurricular opportunities for K-12 students interested in mathematics (p. 42).

Last but not least, this issue features the latest installment of “Math Ed Matters by MatthewMaddux,” a column by Egan Chernoff telling “slightly bent, untold, true stories of mathematics teaching and learning.” In this issue, Chernoff challenges us to reconsider how we view some of the emerging technological tools available to students of mathematics as we teach (and they learn) in an increasingly saturated technological world (p. 45).

To access this month’s issue, head to, where you will find this and all issues of The Variable free to read and download. And if you enjoy The Variable, remember share it with your colleagues and invite them to join the conversation!

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