Math Challenge

The Saskatchewan Math Challenge is a provincial math challenge co-sponsored by the Saskatchewan Math Teachers’ Society and the University of Saskatchewan. Students from Grades 7 to 10 compete as teams of 3 to 5 in solving problems, each enrolled in one of two levels: Grade 7-8 and Grade 9-10. The objective of the Math Challenge is to give participants opportunities to engage in mathematical problem solving, to communicate mathematically, to make their creative ideas public, and to connect with other students interested in mathematics.

This year, in lieu of hosting the Saskatchewan Math Challenge, the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers’ Society has decided to amplify other great local and national extracurricular mathematics opportunities available for K-12 students. These opportunities, which include collaborative, individual, online, and in-person challenges, contests, and camps, are listed here.

If you are interested in copies of previous challenges, please contact us.

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