The Variable – Volume 6, Issue 1

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Volume 6, Issue 1 of The Variable, periodical of the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers’ Society, has just been released! From Kindergarten to Grade 12, there is something for everyone.

In this issue, Jared Hamilton and Angela Fuller share a favourite lesson on linear relations appropriate for both in-person and remote learning (“How Many Steps?”, p. 4); Krista Francis, Stefan, Rothschuh, Sarah Hamilton, and Graham Diehl share share a robotics task that can provide students with contextualized experiences of measurement, geometry, data collection, data interpretation, and more (“Steering a Robot to Engage in Number and Spatial Sense,” p. 30); Karine Ptak identifies effective instructional methods for students not reached by more traditional approaches to teaching mathematics (“High-Impact Solutions for Struggling Mathematics Students,”  p. 25); and Alessandra King explains why she teaches mathematics at an all-girls school (“Kindling the Fire: Why I Do What I Do,” p. 19). You will also find our regular features, including Shawn Godin‘s “Alternate Angles,” which takes an in-depth look at intriguing problems and their solutions (p. 15); “Intersections,” which will bring you up to date on upcoming professional development opportunities (p. 45); and “Tangents,” which highlights extracurricular opportunities for K-12 students interested in mathematics (p. 47).

Last but not least, this issue features the latest installment of “Math Ed Matters by MatthewMaddux,” a column by Egan Chernoff telling “slightly bent, untold, true stories of mathematics teaching and learning.” In this issue, Chernoff identifies, and takes on the task of renaming, several more notorious mathematical “diseases.” (p. 51).

To access this month’s issue, head to, where you will find this and all issues of The Variable free to read and download. And if you enjoy The Variable, remember share it with your colleagues and invite them to join the conversation!

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