Yang Math League

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Know some students up for a challenge? Consider the following extracurricular opportunity:

Yang Math League
Levels:  Grade 8 and under; Grades 9 to 12
Frequency:  Weekly
Time:  30 minutes at any convenient time on Saturday or Sunday
Questions:  6
Format:  Google Forms
Topics:  Full range of school mathematics
Goal:  To help students become more interested in math by problem solving and assist them in growing conceptually

The Yang Math League (YML) is entirely organized and run by Saskatchewan’s own Stephen Yang, a talented and passionate Grade 10 math student in Saskatoon.  Students receive the six weekly questions through email each Saturday morning at 9 am and can choose when they do them that weekend.  They submit their answers on a Google form that is scored automatically, and receive their scores back on Monday evening along with their cumulative score and the names of the perfect scorers.  When over 20% of the students ask for a solution to a question, Stephen posts a YouTube video within a week.

Students can participate for as many or few weeks as they want and take a break for one or several weeks.  Students who have participated consistently see a growth in their ability to solve tough mathematical problems.

To register, use the following link: https://bit.ly/2KpRAmX

Also check out Stephen’s YouTube channel, which includes solutions to a variety of tough math questions from contests:  

6 thoughts on “Yang Math League

  1. Yanan

    Thank you Stephen! We’ve been practicing for a year now and My boy, g5, achieved top 10% in kangaroo math contest. Great job!


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